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Jonathan Oberlander, owner of J. Scott Cellars in Eugene, Oregon, has been making our wine since 2014.  He represents a new generation of winemakers who blend the old-world art of wine making with New World technology and innovation. He believes that great wines begin in the vineyard but come to fruition through a winemaker’s sense of quality, balance and a willingness to spend as much time as needed to make the best wine possible out of each year’s vintage.

Jonathan began his journey into the world of wine after earning a degree in Finance from San Diego State University in 1994.  His first job was selling wines for Young’s Market, a California-based fortune 500 company. This job took him to several Napa and Sonoma Valley wineries where he got hooked on “the smell of the cellar” and spent many hours trying to better understand what made Napa and Sonoma Valley special and their wines so great. In the end, he decided making great wines was something he could do and that Oregon was the place where he wanted to do it. 

In 1997, Jonathan went back to school and earned a degree in Food Science with an emphasis on wine making. He chose Fresno State University so he could be close to his future wife Bonnie who was attending U.C. Davis to be a veterinary surgeon.  After graduating, he spend the next few years refining his skills as a winemaker at California's Bernardus Vineyards and Winery, first as an Assistant Winemaker, then as an Associate Winemaker. 


In 2004, Jonathan and Bonnie decided it was time to make their move to Oregon. Jonathan applied for the position of Assistant Winemaker at Silvan Ridge Winery in Eugene, Oregon. He was accepted and In less than a week he and Bonnie had sold their house and, with family in tow, were on their way to Oregon. During the next few years at Silvan Ridge Jonathan continued to develop and refine his unique style of wine making. 


In 2014, Jonathan took the final step in pursuing his dream --- to have his own label and winery. He left Silvan Ridge and started J Scott Cellars in the Westside Warehouse District of Eugene, Oregon.  In the few short years since, he has created an extensive list of award winning wines for both his label and for StoneRiver Vineyards and has established himself as one of the premiere winemakers in the Northwest. We are fortunate to have Jonathan as our Winemaker. 

When in Eugene be sure and drop by and say hello.



Tuesday - Thursday, 3-8 pm
Friday, 2-9 pm
Saturday, 12-8 pm 
Sunday, 12-7 pm


207 E. 5th Ave., Suite 105
Eugene, OR 97401

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