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At StoneRiver Vineyards we are committed to the long-term health, biodiversity and productivity of our vineyards and in making wines that we can be proud of. Our wines begin in the vineyard, come to fruition through our winemaker's sense of quality and balance, and are guided by our long-term vision and commitment to sustainability. Our daily actions are judged on whether they move us along this path.



As viticulturists, our goal is to grow the very best grapes we can. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture provides the framework and tools to help meet this goal.

We know from experience that grapes differ from harvest to harvest, sometimes in small and subtle ways, sometimes in big bold ways. We also know that grapes are the product of our soils, climate and the flora living in and around our vineyard, and the affect mother nature has on them. Our grapes are also the product of the choices we make throughout the year. Choices involving pruning, irrigation, applying nutrients, managing pests, even deciding how and when to harvest all affect the quality of our grapes and ultimately the quality of our wines.

Our challenge is to make as many right choices as possible and to minimize the bad choices. In the end, our goal is to make choices that nurture and highlight the differences that occur each year in our different grape varieties. By doing this, we help ensure that our winemaker has the best grapes possible for making the best wines he can out of each year’s harvest.



As winemakers, our goal is to make the best wines possible from the grapes we produce. To this end, we strive to create wines with their own character and unique personalities. We want to produce wines that are special and memorable for our customers. We do this by using the right equipment, mix of technical expertise, winemaking skills, artistic talent and experimentation.

We know from experience that when you start down the path of trying to create a great wine you never know where you will end up. There are always multiple paths you can take. We do a lot of experimenting from year to year to see what works best for that year’s variety or blend. Sometimes something special just shows up or you just hit it right. More often then not it takes going down multiple paths to see what gets the best result. The challenge is to capture the subtleties inherent in each new harvest and variety and capitalize on these differences in a way that creates that something special.

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